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                      Core Products

                      MES system, integrated automation and control technology, integrated enterprise information system, simple and efficient factory and business construction, intuitive and convenient logistics and production simulation, intelligent early warning and linkage control, intelligent MES wisdom integrating lean thinking and advanced technology concepts Create a system.

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                      What We Provide

                      Founded in 2001, fastech is a software company specializing in system development and providing systematic solutions for production management...


                      Our Team

                      Specializing in manufacturing software development, with more than years of rich industry development experience.

                      R & D team

                      software development

                      Has a wealth of project implementation experience, a unique management approach to project schedule and project team building.

                      project team

                      Project management

                      Responsible for the system implementation of the company's major customers, more than 10 years of factory implementation experience.

                      Engineering team

                      System Implementation


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